Business to Business Consulting Professionals

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Built To Impress LLC is a global network of professionals supporting businesses through consulting and independent contracting in areas of marketing, information technology and information services, and custom return on investment metrics.

The core of Built To Impress' network stems from the alumni of the Maine School of Science and Mathematics, but then branches out to include their collegiate connections, professional co-workers and contacts, and that "I know a guy" when you have a unique need that requires out-of-the-cube or old-school methodologies. Is your CRM or Product Management System built on Cobalt? We know a guy – several. And they’re always happy to be pulled out of their retirement homes for a day.


Why MSSM as our core network? Why not? Our founder was a member of its founding class. The MSSM alumni are a diverse network of professionals proven to drive success in companies such as Google, Microsoft, Disney, Oracle, and so many more. Many of these companies were just like your business 5, 10, 15, or 20 years ago, and are now where you want to be. There is no better experience to bring on board of your team than someone who just completed a campaign with a company in your industry, of your size who wanted to grow, and did, to the size you want to grow to.

Stop burning your time. Hire a team of consulting and contracting professionals to assist you in manifesting your business goals at a rapid rate.

Stop burning your valuable time searching for one qualified expert to fulfill your business and marketing needs. Hire the firm that will connect you with an entire team of professionals. Hire Built to Impress. Begin to create your lasting impression in your marketplace with your next custom business need.

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