Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Our SEO Can't be beat

Our Search Engine Optimization can’t be beat. Other SEO firms will say they go “the” extra step. You may even find one that says they go “the ten” extra steps. The truth is, until the complexity of your SEO icon for polished, first class Search Engine Optimizationwebsite and the diversity of its content are determined, there is no definitive amount of extra steps. Our claim, our promise: We will identify all the steps necessary to maximize your website’s SEO and we will take them.The bulk of our SEO services are contained in Phase 2 of our web builder services, but also include initiatives contained in phases 1 and 3. Phase 1 focuses on the best research to ensure the best SEO content coding. Phase 2 involves the execution, and Phase 3 involves assessment and any necessary adjustments.

SEO is in our veins

Screen shot of javascript web-coding to enhance SEOThe heart of our SEO success is the part of our Phase 2: Optimize initiative. We focus on coding ALL content on your website, not just the global settings that identify your website in general terms.

How thorough are we? We are obsessive about it. We don’t stop until we’re confident it has been done right and is stitched into every fiber of your website.
Can we give you an analogy of how thorough we are? Yes we can. One of our coders recently shared a story in which he was not happy that one of his light switches in his kitchen was reversed.

Example of Thoroughness

graphic of light switch in story regarding thoroughness of SEO coder

“When there is more than one light switch for the same set of lights in a room, the switches should both be up or down when the lights are off. Preferably down. They should be opposite one-another when the lights are on. It drove me crazy that when I turned off the lights, the other switch was not copacetic with the one I just flipped. So I went into my basement. I shut the power off to the kitchen light grid. I went upstairs; removed the face-plate to the panel by the hallway; unscrewed the switch going to the recessed lights; flipped it around; screwed it back in; and replaced the face-plate.

Graphic of row of light bulbs with one lit, representing SEO coding done right and website being notice by search engines.

Now, when I turn the lights off as I head into the living room, both switches are pointed down. Or if I go into the kitchen through the living room and flip it up, and then exit through the hallway at the other end, I flip that switch up too. Now they’re both pointed the same way.

Graphic of internal wall wiring in story about SEO coder sharing thorough work product,

I noticed the wires were a bit long, so before put it back, I clipped them down to reduce the chance of them bending into the other wires leading to the other switch in the junction box. I also did not like that the panel at the other end had a switch going to a set of lights at the far end of the kitchen in the middle, so I went through the trouble of moving the middle switch and the far left switch around. It just makes sense that the far left switch turns on the light to the far left, the middle to the recessed lights, and the right switch to the lights on the right. You know?!”

Our SEO goal is your website on the 1st page of a search result

Yep – we’re that thorough. We start a project with one goal in mind – which is an intention, not an action. Like the light switches, we intend to get your SEO right. If we notice better front-end language you should be using, or better descriptions and captions for your photos, we won’t plow forward with coding your SEO with the language you have. We will re-write your language in a way that remains consistent with your branding, but is also higher ranking on the Google Search Indexes. Then we will complete the wiring and turn the power back on, ensuring your prospective clients searching the web are flipping the right switch – clicking on your website and not your competitor’s.