Learn more about FullWebBuilder's™ extensive three phase website design builds.  See how focused, thorough market research leads to maximized SEO results while visual aesthetics remain uncompromised.

Phase 1: Build

•Meet with client to understand the company culture and products/services. Identify client’s goals regarding market reach.
•Conduct three-tiered market research
Tier-1 Market Research: Marketplace positioning and competition
•Global market research of industry; identify potential competitors
•National market research; identify potential competitors
•Local market research; identify surrounding competitors; analyze content of competitors currently on top of search results
•Research of industry specific social media outlets and professional web-listings
Tier-2 Market Research: Copy & Content
•Research of most successful online search returns for product/service related items
•Research and collect images and copy samples of most successful online search returns
•Research, analyze and collect most compelling images relating to copy (occurs after content creation in Phase 2)
Tier-3 Market Research: SEO
•Research and collect synonyms of client products/services
•Research and analyze online word trends to determine best copy & code for Search Engine Optimization
•Determine best word choice for front-end content and primary back-end coding

Phase 2: Optimize

•Content Creation
-creation of web platform (scratch or CMS platform)
-Draft/re-draft of copy (language) for each page of the website to be consistent with client brand while also conforming to market research
-Generate captivating imagery
•Layout/Pagination Design aimed at maximizing visitor engagement, increasing visitor time and mitigating bounce-rates
•Customization of platform coding for maximum site performance
•Code SEO elements into:
-Global settings
-Page settings & elements
-Interactive Functions
•Install tracking and analytic cookies for ROI metrics
•Customization of analytics reports for benchmark settings of client-specific goals

Phase 3: Engage

•Full test of every page under 2 focus groups
-Group 1: Functionality
-Group 2: Engagement
•Client training on analytics tools & reports
•Monitoring of web-traffic performance & tweaking of SEO coding to achieve optimal search engine exposure
•Review of analytics reports for tweaking of content & layout to achieve optimal user engagement, customer/sale conversion, and minimal bounce rates