Custom Logos

Your company logo is our next project.
Have a logo, but feel it is outdated and in desperate need of a facelift? We can help with that. First, we will have a graphic designer look at the logo and let you know what he/she thinks. If it is determined that there is absolutely nothing wrong with your logo, we will let you know.

Yeah, right. Like you’re going to say that and turn down potential work. If we see nothing wrong with your logo, we do not see any work we are turning down. What we see is someone we assisted who will likely be back to a service provider they trust will not take advantage of them.
Increase your success with an effective logo design.
Most of the time there is something the graphic designer will recommend when there is not a full overhaul determination. Those often comprise of an update to the color pallet; an after-effect such as a gloss or brushed-metal type of finish; and/or an adjustment to the lines to enhance the continuity between your product/service and your logo. For instance, if you’re a car company, you want a shiny, glossy logo with hard lines to match up with the cars being produced today. But if you’re a classic-car company, you still want the gloss, but you want a different color set and curved sweeping lines to suggest the style of that classic-car era. Yes, we pay attention to the subliminal connections between images and thoughts. We aim to bridge the synapses with suggestive, distinguishable, unforgettable images that put the viewer into a powerful memory.
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Why don’t you aim for a powerful, joyful memory?

Because you may be a funeral parlor. If so, you want a stoic, concrete nay granite feeling orbiting a gravity of respect. Our creative crews are that conscientious of your needs.